Three Rivers, TX, USA

Pediatric Trauma Nurse RN

Wed 02/08/2017

Company: Clinical Management Consultants

A wonderful children's hospital in Texas is looking for a Pediatric Trauma Nurse.

The Pediatric Trauma RN& will have strong critical thinking skills and is adaptable to any given situation. The Nurse will provide therapeutic and administrative services necessary for the care of the patient. &

The Trauma Nurse will set priorities and modify care plans according to the patients chaining conditions by utilizing appropriate problem solving skills and clinical judgement.& The Pediatric Trauma RN& will function as primary caregiver and will ensure that each patient receives treatment that is in accordance with all Transport policies and procedures. The Nurse& will be responsible for communication and documentation necessary for Transport billing.

The Pediatric Trauma Nurse will work closely with all health care providers to facilitate efficient care and will supervise unlicensed staff as needed.& The Pediatric Trauma Nurse is accountable to the Medical Director, the Transport Director and the Transport Clinical Coordinator.

The Pediatric Trauma Nurse will be available for use by the NICU, PICU and the Emergency Department at his/her appropriate level of training when not involved in Transport Operations and in accordance with Department policy/directive. The Pediatric Trauma Nurse& will operate within the framework of t