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DATE ADDED: Mon 08/10/2018

Landscape Design/Sales

Big Rapids, USA


Job Description


We are a growing and dynamic organization that is currently looking to fill the role of Landscape Designer and/or Sales for our landscape division in the Tri-cities area. This is a position that has incredible freedom and the ability to offer unique solutions within the landscape fields.

Job Details:


· Works with the Outdoor Services Leader for the area to lead the direction of the landscape division.


· Works with and finds solutions for our customers both directly acquired from within the Landscape division as well from our other market divisions that need customized and uniquely oriented landscape solutions to best serve our organizations customer base.


· Work with field foreman and other professionals out in the field to assure that desired outcome for customer is achieved.


· Help lead marketing and overall direction of the Landscape division.


· Meet with customers to figure out their needs, come up with an estimate out solutions, oversee the implementation of those solutions.


· Work with others within the organization to build and expand the landscape abilities and scope of practice.


· Aid in the hiring process for others within the division.


Desired Skills:


· Communicate well with others inside and outside of the organization.


· General knowledge of current landscape best practices and design knowledge


· Social media communication and marketing


· Field experience is a huge plus


· Experience in horticulture and/or arboriculture


· Self-starter


· Leader


· Ability to see how the landscape ties into other aspects of the project and/or the way that the customer uses their property.


· Timely follow-through on customer contacts.


If you have significant experience in any of the following it would be of huge value within this role:


· Retaining walls


· Pavers and patios


· Decks


· Nursery management


· Snow removal


· Lawn care


· Lawn installs


· Drainage solutions


· General landscape foreman role


· Equipment operation


· Waterfront landscape and access


· Equine and/or farm based experience


We also have openings for landscape foreman and crew positions. Please contact us regarding those job descriptions. Below is a little in what our belief process is focused around and how we foresee growth within an organization.

Who we are and how we operate

We organized our efforts to build our organization and all service areas of the organization into three different focuses or “paradigms” that are industry (specific trade-craft for instance), niche market (small and intense market, subset of a market) and location (specific geographic community).


To serve our mission well, we need to have intense focus on all three of these paradigms. We have also recognized that team members tend to organize their loyalties or how they see success of an organization (or their job satisfaction) loosely based on these areas. By building teams rooted in these three paradigms, we can serve our mission to the fullest and the interplay between them yields a stronger and more agile organization than the independent focus. This allows us to develop high focus and depth in each of these paradigms, also allowing unique sub-cultures and branding to be achieved while at the same time being able to call on the “counter-paradigms” as partners in the ability to offer mission-driven excellence.

Our current areas of focus are:

***Industry……. property management, landscaping, tree service, tree farm, snow removal, excavating, outdoor experience design, vacation/second home management, waterfront development, erosion control, custom logging, shop operations……

***Niche………. non-profit custom needs, seniors home needs, special needs community, moms (job opportunities and services catered to), vets, rental homes, HOA's (home owner’s associations), special operations (agile team that can solve problems quickly)

***Locations………. Hub locations in west Michigan, central Michigan, northern Michigan.

****other areas…….design, office management, accounting, recruiting, social and web marketing design.


Our Mission-


We are an ACTION driven organization that is obsessed with implementing EXPOTENTIAL EXCELLENCE through ABUNTANT TECHNOLOGY, and BOLD LEADERSHIP to COMMUNITY CENTERED INDUSTRY.


Our Vision-


By continual mission driven action, we deliver positive and productive change to the communities and industries we are rooted in by creating a constant yet ever changing and growing market driven organization that is a key partner in offering real world education, training, advancement, and opportunity to the team members and communities that we serve. We own the issues that are faced in both the workplaces and communities and we find solutions to those issues. We are restoring hope in the future of our industry and communities and are true partners with those we serve with. We show a way of unity and respect by organizing differently minded individuals, groups, or organizations toward a common and accountable purpose and ultimately draw the best out of everyone while positioning them well to advance in their own goals either within our organization or somewhere else.


Core Operational Drivers-


  • We believe the best way to run a business is rooted in biblical principles.
  • We believe we are paid to produce for our clients, team members, and community therefore we must be accountable to the numbers.
  • We believe that financial reward should be given to those who produce, therefore we compensate according to production and results as it applies to the values in the marketplace.
  • We value risk-taking and creativity, we work as a team to take risks wisely and hedge against failure.
  • We operate looking forward and realize the best way to reach our long-term goals is to number our days and use our present days wisely.


Core Organizational values-


  • Dynamic creativity- using what we do and don't have to solve problems.
  • Definite optimistic future- we have clearly defined where we are going and have a proactive plan to get there.
  • Client solutions first- we anticipate what the client will need and want, and then we lead them to that future outcome.
  • Abundance thinking- we approach our work with the understanding that there is ample ways, resources, and solutions to our work and we don't get trapped in small thinking.
  • Macro-thinking- we are always seeing and pursuing possibilities beyond our current state of operation that will better serve our mission.
  • Market driven- we see where the market will be and we work to create relevant plans around that future market.
  • Engaged tension- we want to be right on the edge of "too extreme" in our work, we want to constantly be fighting between too much vs. not enough. We want to know our work so well that we can identify the sweet spot.
  • Growth bias- we are constantly seeking new and better ways.
  • Create a Revolution- we own our future in an extreme way, we design it, we educate and teach toward it, we can't rest until we achieve it.

Freedom- we embrace freedom.

We offer additional compensation and/or allowances for use of personal assets that our staff may want to use. We do this for everything from hand tools, trucks, trailers, equipment, or any other asset that might be useful. This has made a huge difference for our staff at times as it has helped offset the cost of everything from trucks to basic tools that they want to have personally. We do not expect the use of personal equipment or tools from our staff unless it has been discussed and agreement is reached but we are open to discussing this with our staff if it is something that they would like to do.


Company Description
Red Autumn Group delivers positive and productive change to the communities and industries in which we serve. We strive to be a key partner in offering real world solutions to our clients, communities and other service agencies. Restoring hope and unity to each community, we truly believe that "it takes a village."

Role: Landscape Design/Sales
Job Type:
Location: Big Rapids,

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