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DATE ADDED: Thu 11/10/2018

Medical Assistant

Fayetteville, USA


Job Description
  • Essential Job Functions and Duties: The Essential job functions or duties of the Medical Assistant include but are not limited to the following:
  • Work directly with the Executive Medical Assistant, Executive Staff, & assigned Collaborative Provider(s).
  • Medical Assistant must be knowledgeable of medical terminology, medications, and general diagnoses associated with medications. Medical Assistant must also have sufficient typing skills to keep up with dictation from providers.
  • Work directly with the Executive Support Team to ensure timely attention to triage needs, faxes, lab results, prescription refills and other daily tasks.
  • You are expected to be available Monday- Friday 8:00am- 5:00pm and are expected to respond to phone calls, emails and text messages timely (meaning within 15 minutes for phone calls and text messages and no longer than 30 minutes for emails) from OnsiteCare’s Leadership Team, Executive Staff and forwarded Triage Calls.
  • Maintain at all times a provider schedule in OnsiteCare’s EMR Meditouch that accounts for all patients in all facilities on a rotating 30 day basis unless otherwise decided by Provider and Supervisor. This schedule is to be updated weekly and provided to the facility Administrator and RCC on a monthly basis.
  • You are expected to have met with the RCC and have a list prepared of all acutes ready to be seen that day and charts ready for Provider in the EMR including vitals and history or present illness and ROS.
  • Each provider and MA can work out their own work flow pattern but the position of the MA is to make sure the schedule is accurate for the day, and updated to include the acute care patients that facility desires Provider to see, That charts are open and prepped with vitals, relevant history, relevant ROS, labs and diagnostics so that providers’ charting is seamless and efficient.
  • The MA is to be responsible for making sure that the facility communication is consistent with best practices and that any problems or strains that the facilities may have are reported to the Executive Team and Supervisors in a timely manner.
  • The MA is responsible for making sure that any family member request to speak to the Provider are dealt with in a timely yet Provider efficient fashion so as to protect the Provider from undue family member requests but also so that timeliness of request by families are addressed. It is appropriate for the MA, at the direction of the Provider, to contact family members and discuss patient issues within the scope of their abilities.
  • In summary, the MA is responsible for all day to day activities regarding patient care, good flow of patient care, preparation of EMR charts, communication with Facilities and Executive Team, labs, vitals, faxes, triage requests for your facilities as indicated, Rx refills, patient scheduling in the EMR, check in and check out with RCC if Provider cannot do this, efficiency of Provider workflow, increased productivity of Provider, daily reporting and communication to Executive Team, & communication with family members as needed.
  • Preparation of EMR charts includes but may not be limited to: having chart open and ready for Provider to start documentation, entry of vitals, labs, diagnostics, relevant history and relevant ROS. MA is responsible for making sure that the MARs and the medication list in the EMR is accurate on a monthly basis at the time of the Chronic Care Follow Up appt. MA is responsible for making sure that the PMHx section is updated including going through patients chart and identifying medical records of relevance and putting this in the patients PMHx section.
  • Other duties of the MA will include obtaining consents, medical billing information, setting up demographic charting information for new patients or updating the system with billing information as directed by the Executive Team. MAs will be responsible for making sure that patient charts are updated and accurate and will work with Intake to ensure accuracy. At times, the MA may be asked to perform other duties as appointed by the Executive Team including helping other Providers in the same facility if there is down time, or your assigned Provider has taken the day off, leaves early or that we see that there is time left in your day to help in other areas that involve support of the Executive Team.

Company Description
Onsite Care provides comprehensive evidence-based medical and mental health care to long-term care residents. We work to minimize hospitalizations and urgent care visits by preventing illnesses, promoting wellness, providing timely acute care, and engaging in appropriate management of chronic illnesses, while ensuring that residents and caregivers are fully informed and involved in the development of care plans.
The primary care practitioners of Onsite Care are trained to recognize the symptoms of potential mental health issues. Onsite Care's psychiatric and psychological services providers are trained to recognize basic health problems. Our records are integrated, and we have a sophisticated electronic health records system that will flag any concerns to other providers so that we can quickly address them.
Onsite Care provides effective, affordable health care to enhance quality of life and dignity for long term care residents. We bring experienced medical services, psychiatric care, and psychotherapy to you, where you live.

Role: Medical Assistant
Job Type:
Location: Fayetteville,

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