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DATE ADDED: Tue 25/09/2018

Fashion Retail Managaement

Oklahoma City, USA


Job Description


The Windsor Story

Windsor, dressing up since 1937, is a family-owned business with its roots stemming from Los Angeles, California. Windsor's mission is to create an oasis that inspires and empowers women. This Windsor Oasis has the power to transform doubts and insecurities into confidence. We continue to serve our mission by targeting the ever-changing trends and lifestyles of the junior and contemporary woman, all while maintaining our family-oriented culture in which we began. If you are a passionate individual and you think you have what it takes to keep our legacy going, apply and join our Windsor Family today!

Job Summary

Windsor is now hiring for an Assistant Manager and a Co-Manager at our Windsor Store Located @




We offer 40% employee discount and a work life balance. Applicants should be highly motivated, well organized, ambitious, and able to demonstrate excellent customer service.

All management positions are responsible for the store and the employees that work within. They effectively direct sales by coaching and motivating employees to achieve personal and store sales goals. Store management ensures compliance is met for all company operations, policies, and procedures. They control store shrink by practicing and preventing loss.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Applies and coaches' others on 4-Step selling techniques
  • Achieves personal sales goals of Black Dot/Gold Star Performance
  • Achieves 2.0 IPC
  • Follows loss prevention procedures and controls shrink and expenses
  • Cleans and maintains good housekeeping
  • Adheres to company dress code policy
  • Delegates daily operational duties
  • Assists in conducting training and recruiting
  • Enforces and follows all company policies, procedures, guidelines and programs
  • Ensures work environment is safe and clean at all times
  • Maintains company visual standards
  • Protects company assets


  • Minimum 1 year Retail Management experience or 6 months working for Windsor at store-level
  • Proven leadership experience, ability to develop and motivate a team of up to 25 employees
  • Able to resolve issues as they arise with customers and associates
  • Communicates well and effectively in a one-on-one setting and in a group setting

Physical/Environmental Demands:

Frequently stands, walks, observes, communicates and reads. Regularly moves and pushes. Counts and writes to accurately complete documentation. Must be able to: access all areas of the store including sales floor, stock area, and register area, operate and use all equipment necessary to run the store, climb ladders, move or handle merchandise throughout the store (generally weighing from 0-25 pounds) and work varied hours/days to oversee store operations. The environment is fast-paced and indoor temperature conditions vary.

*Job descriptions are merely a summary of the position. Duties and responsibilities are subject to change and may include any other that management finds necessary to successfully maintain store operations.

Company Description
Mission Statement

Dressing up since 1937.

The word Oasis was carefully chosen because it represents an ideal which is UNIQUE to Windsor and sets us apart from the desert of retailers in the mall.

The Oasis is our store and website and everyone contributes to this ideal...beautiful merchandise, great visual displays, cleanliness and outstanding customer service.

The Windsor Oasis has the power to transform doubts and insecurity into confidence.

This is our gift to women around the world.

Our Values

Work hard and have fun as a team.
At Windsor we work hard, but we also value a sense of humor and fun spirit. We spend a big part of our lives working so we must create a happy environment. Of course nothing can be accomplished without teamwork and intense collaboration. This is what sets us apart.

Integrity is mandatory.
Personal integrity is what keeps us honest and makes us trustworthy. Without it Windsor could not exist. It is our job to preserve our assets, keep shrink down and be honest with each other. Integrity is our foundation.

Need to improve, all the time.
Nurture ideas and creativity. Find ways to be better than last year in some meaningful way. Small improvements add up, each one is worth fighting for. Constant improvement promotes personal fulfillment. It is caring and a desire to improve that makes life interesting, this is how we are wired. We improve by learning from our mentors and adapting to change. Dont get stuck with success or failure. Learn from mistakes, celebrate success then MOVE ON to new challenges.

Do more with less and create value.
We live in a world where resources are limited. We need to cherish these resources and learn not to waste. By controlling our costs and being productive we can pass on these savings to our customer, reward our team and make a profit.

Smile and listen.
Make our customer happy.
In every backroom of our stores is a note from our late founder Maurice about the value of a smile and personality. A smile can change someones day. Showing compassion and listening to our customer will build a lasting RELATIONSHIP. This is how we create the Oasis.

Organize and plan in ridiculous detail.
Those little details are everything. A perfectly accessorized outfit, a beautifully folded garment, and a neat package. These are all little things that combine to make a HUGE difference. Take the time to get the details right.

Respect our caring and loyal family.
We love Windsor because it is our family. We protect and cherish our family so that it will last forever passing down our unique culture to future generations.

Role: Fashion Retail Managaement
Job Type:
Location: Oklahoma City,

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