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DATE ADDED: Mon 01/10/2018

Deputy Sheriff -- Police Officer

Mt. Vernon, USA


Job Description


The Crawford Co Sheriff’s Office will be hiring two Sheriff's Deputy who will be sworn to serve the community. He or she will be a commissioned officer who will perform traditional law enforcement duties throughout Crawford County Illinois. The deadline for this position is no later than October 26, 2018.

As the primary law enforcement agency within the unincorporated areas of the county, the deputy must possess a comprehensive knowledge of the law and the community. Although not an elected official, the deputy represents the sheriff in many situations, so there must be an aptitude and sensitivity to community issues that can influence decisions.


The primary duties are related to public safety and the enforcement of the laws of the State of Illinois and Crawford County. The duties are broad in scope and include but are not limited to:

  • Being knowledgeable in policy, procedures, and criminal law as well as being proficient with weapons, equipment, and tactics for duties related to law enforcement;
  • Work with and assist other law enforcement agencies and coordinate operations with other emergency services;
  • Respond to emergencies;
  • Search and rescue operations;
  • Respond to “calls for service” and “problem solve” issues that are emergency, criminal, and routine in nature;
  • Patrol assignments for violators, suspicious activities, and to deter crimes;
  • Apprehend offenders and execute arrest warrants;
  • Perform traffic enforcement to include violations and accident investigations;
  • Investigate crimes i.e. interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, secure scenes, execute search warrants, collect evidence, and make arrests; typically, property damage & burglary/theft, drugs, violent & sexual crimes, and crimes against children;
  • Prepare reports, document activities, and evidence through report writing & photography;
  • Attend court, testify, present evidence, and ensure prosecution;
  • Act as a police presence at public events and provide security for municipal gatherings;
  • Civil paper service process;
  • Take into custody and protect violators/arrestees, to include transportation,;
  • detention, and protection of those in custody.



  • U.S. citizen;
  • Minimum of age 21;
  • High school graduate or GED equivalent;
  • Valid state-issued driver's license;
  • Meet physical standards, to include physical power test, and physical medical exam;
  • Successfully complete a written comprehension exam;
  • Complete an oral interview;
  • Clear the background investigation;
  • Successfully complete the law enforcement academy;
  • And successfully complete 12-month probationary period.



LATERAL TRANSFERS: We will accept lateral transfers from Illinois as well as out state LEOs as long as the originating state police academy certification does transfer to Illinois and is accepted by the Illinois Police Training Board. We will accept up to 3 years of employment from a full-time law enforcement agency. Lateral transfer wages as of December 2017, 1st year 43,476, 2nd year 45,798, and 3rd year 47,225.

UNION/CONTRACT: The deputy position is a contract employee and has membership with the Fraternal Order of Police who negotiates with Crawford County for wages and benefits.

TEN HOUR SHIFTS: The deputy position consists of four (4) ten hour shifts each week.

TAKE HOME SQUAD CARS: Each deputy has a “take home” squad car.

CLOTHING ALLOWANCE: Each deputy receives a uniform/clothing allowance of $650 credit annually.

HOLIDAYS: The position has 14 paid holidays annually plus an additional holiday in the years of the general election. The position will receive holiday pay, (regular pay plus time and half ) for each hour worked on the holiday. The position will receive regular pay on the holiday if it falls on a day off.

SICK LEAVE: Sick leave may be carried over year to year up to a maximum of 150 days (1200 hours). After the first year of service the position receives 1 week of full pay and 1 week of half pay. At time of retirement the County will buy-back accrued sick days to a maximum of 480 hours.

WAGES: As of December 1, 2017, the position has a starting salary $37,408 during probationary period and an increase in pay after the first year to approximately $44,336. The position includes raises to include both annual cost of living increases as well as longevity increases. There are 15 longevity pay increases under contract of at least 2% each, and currently tops out at 24 years (approx. $66,535). The position does have much opportunity for overtime and such the full-time employee has first opportunity to work open shifts. In addition to overtime pay the employee may elect to utilize compensatory time at a rate of time and a half instead of overtime. The position also includes shift differential for each of 3 shifts, evening (.50 per hour on base), late evening (.75 per hour on base), and midnight (1.00 per hour on base).   Lateral transfer wages as of December 2017, 1st year 43,476, 2nd year 45,798, and 3rd year 47,225.

INSURANCE: Health insurance is provided by Crawford County for the employee at no cost for the HSA plan and $50 a month for the PPO plan. A basic life insurance policy of $10,000 is provided to the employee.

VACATION: An employee will receive 2 weeks full pay after the first year of employment, 3 weeks after 5 years of service, 4 weeks after 10 years of service, and 5 weeks after 25 years of service.

PERSONAL: The position will receive 3 personal days annually plus 1 personal day for every 6 months of sick time not used, with the potential to accumulate 5 personal days each year.

PENSION: The position receives a pension in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) under SLEP (Sheriff’s Law Enforcement Personnel) which is a higher pension rate than regular IMRF and contributions to the IMRF-SLEP are made by the County.

Company Description
Located in Robinson, Southeastern Illinois, the Crawford County Sheriff's Office has nine full time sworn officers that would include the Sheriff, Chief Deputy, Sergeant/Detective, and six deputies, who carry out the duties of traditional law enforcement functions in Crawford Co IL, a county of approximately 19,000. The office staffs, and maintains a 911 emergency dispatch center, as well as a jail with a capacity of 53 inmates, to serve Crawford County and its communities. The office also provides for the security of the Crawford Co Court House. The Crawford County Sheriff's Office is an equal opportunity employer.

Role: Deputy Sheriff -- Police Officer
Job Type:
Location: Mt. Vernon,

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