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DATE ADDED: Thu 11/10/2018

Chief Therapeutic Medical Physicist

West Palm Beach, USA


Job Description

Annashae is seeking a Chief Therapeutic Medical Physicist to provide services a medical center in West Palm Beach, FL.​


  • Protecting the patient and others from potentially harmful or excessive radiation.
  • Establishing adequate protocols to ensure accurate patient dosimetry.
  • Measuring and characterization of radiation used for radiotherapy.
  • Performing and supervising of treatment planning, the determination of delivered dose, and advancement of procedures necessary to ensure delivered dose integrity.
  • Developing and directing quality assurance programs.
  • Assisting other health care professionals in optimizing the balance between the beneficial and deleterious effects of radiation.
  • Diagnosing and treatment of patients including (a) for the techniques used to standardize and calibrate radiation therapy equipment, (b) for the accuracy and safety of physical methods used in close cooperation with Physicians and other personnel, and (c) for routine clinical applications of equipment.
  • Serving as consultants to the radiation oncologist, chief of bio-medical engineering, the radiation safety committee, and other physician specialists.
  • Participating in the calibration of radiation beams from treatment units. This involves (a) maintaining the calibration of quality assurance devices such as ion chambers and electrometer, (b) measuring beam parameters via ion chambers in solid water or a scanning water tank, film and TLDs, (c) and comparing this data gains the commissioning data using established guidelines (e. g., AAPM Task Group #40)
  • Supervising treatment planning, the components of which are (a) supervision of patient contours and/or imaging studies (e. g., CT), (b) determination of the dose at different points within the treatment volume, (C) selection of beams (Together with their angles, weights, collimation and filtering), (d) generation of isodose curves or other information and dosimetry, and ( e) selection of wedges, bolus and other devices necessary for proper treatment. The incumbent will also cross-check hand calculation and computer calculations made by others.
  • Participating in (a) the preparation of radiation therapy treatment devices such as custom field blocks, tissue compensators and build- up boluses, and (b) the planning and the production of molds, casts and other immobilization devices.
  • Establishing and supervising accuracy in patient position for treatment including follow-up plans; treatment setups during the course of patient treatment; and proposing changes, depending on the initial plan of treatment, such as a reduced field size and changes needed for safety purpose, such as blocking of a spinal cord or other sensitive structures and organs.
  • Reviewing the ongoing treatments given to each patient. This includes (a) participation in clinical conferences with physicians to review current patients and consult on new patient treatments, and (b) certification of the accuracy of dosimetry and all pertinent entries made by technologist.
  • Assisting in Radiation Therapy research by documenting dosimetry information or patients enrolled in clinical trials conducted by protocol organizations such as the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group, National Caner Institute trials and other clinical trials.
  • Commissioning and acceptance testing for all radiation oncology treatment and related equipment including linear accelerators, CT simulators, Computer Treatment Planning systems (data collection and beam modeling), stereotactic equipment, HDR, etc.


  • Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm, may require on-call hours


  • Certified Therapeutic Medical Physicist by the American Board for Radiology (ABR)

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Role: Chief Therapeutic Medical Physicist
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Location: West Palm Beach,

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