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DATE ADDED: Sat 13/10/2018

Account Executive Sales Representative

Minneapolis, USA


Job Description



1.1   Summary.     The Account Executive is responsible for achieving sales plan and objectives for their territory.


1.2   Duties and Responsibilities:


1.2.1.Understand the sales process involved in marketing Company products.


1.2.2.Achieve quarterly and annual sale targets while controlling expenses.


1.2.3.Efficiently manage the Territory geography through effective travel and planning.  Increase territory sales volume by new customer acquisition, current customer growth and lead development.  Report lead progress back to the Marketing Coordinator by the 15th and the last business day of the month.


1.2.4.Maintain excellent product knowledge and the skill to effectively communicate product features and benefits. Utilize Product and Market Sales Managers to capitalize on specific opportunities.


1.2.5.Acquire new customers through the use of leads, trade shows, and referrals.  Effectively build an extensive network of contacts as a foundation for future sales.


1.2.6.Be a key resource for information concerning products, product needs of current and potential customers. Provide feedback to the Marketing department on market activities, trends and effectiveness of company marketing programs.


1.2.7.Complete and submit, on a timely basis, all administrative paperwork, i.e. Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) reports, expense reports, plans, monthly calendar/itineraries and special pricing agreements and renewals.


1.2.8.Develop and submit quarterly action plans for achieving sales goals on schedule to the Sales Manager.  Action plans are due: 2/28, 5/31, 8/31,12/31

1.2.9.Represent the Company in a professional manner and convey a professional image at all times.


1.1.1.        Coordinate with Sales Management to develop local and regional IDN (Integrated Delivery Network) opportunities.


1.1.2.Each month review and analyze sales data and coordinate with Sales Managers to implement necessary action.








1.1.3.Maintain all territory records as required.


1.1.4.Provide market and competitive PMS (Post market Surveillance) to the Marketing Department.


1.1.5.Prepare territory sales forecast as requested.


1.1.6.Complete weekly closed business report, submit forecasts for all new accounts and notify Sales Manager and purchasing with business gain in excess of $1,500.00 per month to ensure appropriate stock levels.


1.1.7.Attend meetings, conferences and trade shows as assigned. The Marketing Department coordinates all needs and requirements.


1.1.8.International travel may come up. Account Executives are required to have a valid passport. Intersurgical does not provide reimbursement for the purchase or renewal of a passport.


1.1.9.Account Executives must live within 25 miles of a major airport. Employment is offered based on the city of residence at date of hire. A written approval from executive management is required to move more than 25 miles away from a major airport, and the designated city in which the job offer was accepted.    


1.1.10.    In order to maintain a position with Intersurgical, it is understood that Intersurgical is the primary employer. Jobs outside of Intersurgical that conflict with the hours and responsibilities are not authorized. All outside employment must ensure that the best interest of Intersurgical is not jeopardized. 


1.2   Principal Responsibility and Accountability:


Product knowledge

Achievement of sales goals and quotas


Market perception

Market knowledge

Customer relations

Maintain proper reporting


2.    AUTHORITY.     The Executive Vice President and General Manager has both the responsibility and authority to administer the Sales Policies as set forth herein.


3.    VENDOR CREDENTIALING.     The Company will make a reasonable effort to support the Account Executive including vendor credentialing.  As a general rule the company will reimburse the Account Executive for required registrations. The Company maintains a national account with VendorMate.  Additional reimbursements require prior approval.


3.1. Physicals and Immunizations are required by most vendor credentialing organizations and by hospitals as a general policy.  All Account Executives are required to maintain immunizations as required to maintain vendor access. Failure to maintain vendor access will result in termination. The Company will reimburse standard, usual and customary fees for immunizations.





4.1. The primary responsibility of the Account Executive is to increase sales volume in all product groups within a variety of health care markets throughout the Territory.


This high paced multi-tasking environment encompasses potential and current customers from diverse areas of healthcare including, but are not limited to the following:


Markets (Facilities)


·  Primary Care: Acute Care, Sub-Acute Facilities, Mental Health, Physicians, Clinics, Surgery Centers, Outpatient and Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Domestic Military Hospitals and Clinics, Schools and Allied Health Professionals (60-70%)

·  EMS: Emergency Medical Services, Law Enforcement, Fire Services (15-20%)

·   Alternate Care: Nursing Facilities, Long-Term Care, Hospices, Home Health Agencies, Home Medical Equipment Providers, Consumers, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Medicine, Businesses, Veterinary Medicine (15-20%)







·         Internal Medicine

·         Laboratory

·         Materials Department

·         Nursing

·         Obstetrics and Gynecology

·         Patient Safety

·         Pediatrics


·         Physical Therapy

·         Radiology

·         Respiratory Care

·         Risk Management

·         Staff Education

·         Surgery

·         Wound Care



·         Anesthesia

·         Bio-Medical Engineering

·         Critical Care Units

·         Central Supply

·         Discharge Planning

·         Emergency Room

·         Infection Control
























    1. The primary area of responsibility for the Account Executives is Acute Care Hospitals and Surgery Centers.  However, the Account Executive has responsibility for Alternate Care Facilities and EMS within the territory in support of Regional and National Account efforts.



    2. The Account Executive is expected to make the most efficient and productive use of their time in the field making sales calls and is expected to make a minimum of 80 facility sales calls and product presentations per month in the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) to be eligible for commissions.  The Account Executive should maximize the number of departments per facility.


    3. Distributor Sales Calls.     The Account Executives is expected to work with Supply Chain Distribution Partner Representatives on a routine basis to increase business.  Primary responsibility for (major) Distributor management lies with the Vice President of Sales and Executive Vice President and General Manager.


    4. Surgery Center Sales Calls.     The latter part of the day (after 3:00 p.m.) should be spent in making facility sales calls and product presentations on surgery centers and other non-acute facilities when most key personnel are available.





    1. Expense Reporting.  Intersurgical uses Certify, an online expense reporting system. All references to Expense Reports means entering and submitting documents and receipts via Certify.


      1. Expense reports are due to the accounting department every Monday by COB (close of business) for the previous week. It is your responsibility to coordinate your schedule to ensure expenses are submitted in a timely manner.


      2. Expense Reports are due, regardless if expenses have been incurred, and if a receipt is present. Make a notation if receipt is not present on the date the expense occurred, and the reason for the expense. 


      1. All applicable days off should be indicated on the expense reporting system under the notes section. Indicate date and specify day off.


      2. Expense reports must include location for each day, and should be referenced in the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database).


    1. Weekly Update Report.     To maximize the effectiveness of sales activities, the Account Executive is responsible for submitting their Weekly Update Report as instructed by their Manager, and conduct weekly scheduled conference calls with Sales Management. All activities should be entered into the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) under the appropriate account record.


      1. Closed business report to be included in weekly report.


    2. The Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) Activity Report.     Account Executive is required to generate and submit the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) Weekly Activity Reports.  All information entered into the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) should reflect the exact time, and location the meeting(s) took place. The report should include all territory activity for the calendar week; all required fields should be completely filled out accurately with contact names, titles, numbers, referrals, product interests, products currently used, date, time, etc.  All meetings should be accurately logged into the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) with details of the meeting. Commission eligibility report regarding CRM Data will be run on the 1st day of each new quarter.


      1. A properly formatted the Microsoft Dynamics (CRM database) Contact record is to be created for each health care provider and supply chain distribution partner contact in the territory.


    3. Quarterly Report Review and Plan


      1. The Account Executive is responsible for understanding their current sales data using Monthly Sales Reports and QlikView.


      2. Analysis and Action Plan.      Provide a brief analysis of trends as part of your quarterly action plan, to address what changes need to be accomplished to continue sales increases and reverse any negative trends.

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Role: Account Executive Sales Representative
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