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DATE ADDED: Sat 13/10/2018

Certified Nurse Aide

West Bloomfield Township, USA


Job Description

Seeking CNAs Full Time and Casual employees that are dedicated, caring and experienced in West Bloomfield area.

The nurse aide is an important person in the care of our clients. The primary function of the nurse aide is the personal care of the clients and the accomplishment of nurse aide functions in various healthcare settings as outlined in the Plan of Care (POC) under the supervision of the Registered Nurse.

 Education -
High school graduate\or GED is required
CNA/CENA - current certificate from the State of Michigan or Proof of 75 hours of CNA or HHA training
 Experience -
Certified Nurse Aide (CNA or CENA) - a state certified nurse aide with current certification and six (6) months of closely supervised health care experience in a hospital or facility with direct RN supervision within the past year or one (1) year of home care experience.
Home Health Aide (HHA) - a nurse aide who has completed at least 75 hours of training;
must have certificate of training or evidence of training completion with no current state certification and six (6) months of closely supervised health care experience (hospital or facility with direct RN supervision) within the past year or one (1) year of home care experience.
These two classifications are an important designation as the Director/Clinical Nurse Manager/ Nurse Care Manager and the Schedule Coordinator assign the client’s care based on the client’s needs. It is imperative that a careful match be made between the client’s needs and the ability of the staff.

A. Additional Qualifications:
1. Satisfactory completion of requirements for employment
2. A score of 80% or better on the MPI Nurse Aide competency test
3. Automobile in good working condition or reliable transportation system to arrive to work on time
4. Current driver’s license in the State of Michigan
5. Satisfactory references from past employers, training school
6. Telephone - cell phone is preferred
7. Proof of a negative T.B. skin test or negative chest x-ray taken within the last year
8. Signed Medical Release form or a physical form from a physician stating ability to meet
job physical demands and abilities
9. Speaks, reads, writes and comprehends English.
10. Negative drug test
11. Criminal background check

B. Skills and Abilities:
1. Ability to follow oral and written instructions; ability to follow plan of care and document care given
2. Able to use eyes, ears, hands, fingers to handle equipment and collect medical data
3. Able to adapt to frequent job changes and emergencies
4. Able to follow agency dress code policy; neat and clean in personal appearance; practice good hygiene
5. Self-motivated with the ability to work without direct, constant supervision
6. Must be honest, trustworthy, ethical and use good judgment
7. Possess a friendly and courteous manner; cooperative and punctual
8. Must be flexible and able to adjust to change readily
9. Has initiative, tact, diplomacy and dependability to perform all duties of the position
10. Ability to establish and maintain rapport with co-workers, supervisors and contacts external to the organization
11. Follows appropriate Infection Control Procedures and Blood Borne Pathogens procedures
12. Comply with accepted ethical and professional standards of conduct. Accepts accountability for own performance and conduct
13. Must be willing to comply with Agency Policies and Procedures
14. Must agree to adhere to HIPAA Regulations and confidentiality of Agency information
15. React to change productively and performs other job related tasks and duties as assigned

C. Physical Demands:
1. Medium strength (Lift, Carry, Push, Pull); maximum lift of 50 pounds
2. Standing: Remaining on one’s feet in an upright position at a work station without moving about for a long time period
3. Walking: Moving about on foot
4. Sitting: Remaining in the normal seated position
5. Lifting: Raising or lowering an object from one level to another (including upward pulling)
6. Carrying: Transporting an object, usually holding it in the hands or arms or on the shoulder
7. Pushing: Exerting force upon an object so that the object moves away from the force
8. Pulling: Exerting force upon an object so that the object moves toward the force (includes jerking)
9. Climbing: Ascending or descending stairs, ramps, using feet and legs and or hands and arms
10. Stooping: Bending the body downward and forward by bending the spine at the waist
11. Kneeling: Bending the legs at the knees to come to rest on the knee or knees
12. Crouching: Bending the body downward and forward by bending the legs and spine
13. Crawling: Moving about on the hands and knees or hands or hands and feet
14. Twisting or pivoting the body so as to transfer an object left to right or right to left
15. Reaching: Extending the hands and arms in any direction
16. Handling: Seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with the hand or hands. (Fingering not involved)
17. Feeling: Perceiving such attributes or objects and materials as size, shape, temperature, or texture by means of receptors in the skin, particularly those of the fingertips. Able to use fingers for fine motor movements
18. Talking: Expressing or exchanging ideas by means of the clearly spoken word
19. Hearing: Perceiving the nature of sounds by the ear
20. Seeing: Obtaining impressions through the eyes of the shape, size, distance, motion, color, or other characteristics of objects

D. Environmental/Working Conditions: Works in various client settings; possible exposure to blood and body fluids and infectious disease; ability to work a flexible schedule to meet the client’s needs.

E. Duties, Functions and Responsibilities by Classification:
CNA and Home Health Aide (HHA)

All MPI CNA and HHA nurse aides are expected to be able to perform the following basic nurse aide duties. These duties will be designated by your nursing supervisor in a written plan of care.
1. Perform or assist with: bathing/shower client; mouth care; care of teeth, dentures, hair, perineum, fingernails (special instructions will be given for nail care of diabetic patients); apply lotion as needed; shaving as appropriate
2. Make client bed with proper attention to safety and comfort of the client. (Both occupied and unoccupied beds)
3. Back care and care to bony prominences
4. Feeding of client, including preparation of well-balanced meals, washing of dishes, and cleaning of kitchen after meal preparation. Prepares therapeutic diets if ordered on plan of care
5. Turning and positioning of the bed-ridden client at least every two hours or as instructed. Skin inspection
6. Provide for elimination with use of commode, bedpan, urinal with proper cleansing afterwards to perineum and equipment used
7. Provide Foley Catheter care as directed. Apply external catheters, regularly remove, check penis for irritation and constriction by catheter
8. Proper hand washing techniques before and between procedures
9. Recording oral intake and urinary output
10. Range of motion only to the point of resistance as instructed
11. Assist or transfer client to a chair, commode, or geriatric chair; use of slide board, assistive aides such as Hoyer lift, bath seat, crutches, or cane; pivot transfer; gait belt use; basic knowledge of body mechanics and safety techniques
12. Take and document temperature (oral, axillary, tympanic), radial pulse, respiration and blood pressure, weight of client
13. Complete simple non-sterile dressings as instructed by nursing supervisor
14. Provide morning, evening and HS care, dressing and undressing of client as necessary Promote client independence in activities of daily living as appropriate
15. Document/record as required on the proper forms and report concerns in a timely manner
16. Assist client with the use of oxygen in the home
17. Provide ambulation activities if the client is able and as frequently as directed by nursing supervisor and/or care plan. Must be aware of weight bearing status, use of assistive devices, functional limitations, endurance and tolerance
18. Keep the client area clean, warm/comfortable, and safe. Meet the safety needs of the client and use equipment properly and safely (oxygen, foot stools, removing throw-rugs, etc.)
19. Care of the dying or terminally ill client. Post mortem care
20. Follow procedures for emergency as directed by the nursing supervisor
21. Provide tepid water sponge bath for temperature elevation after notification and direction from the nursing supervisor
22. Remind the client to take medication. If the client can not open the medication bottle or read the label, inform nursing supervisor. Medication must be set up in envelopes or a suitable medication organizer. Medical Professionals can provide a nurse to set up medication in advance or provide a medication organizer to assist the client to take medication correctly
23. Inform nursing supervisor of pertinent changes in the client’s condition. (See “Observations to Report”)
24. Inform nursing supervisor of client request/need for nurse aide to drive client’s car or drive client in employee’s car. A Waiver of liability must be signed in advance to assure insurance coverage. If emergency exists, clients must be transported via ambulance. Staff may follow in their own car and should not ride in ambulance with patient.
25. Nurse aide must become familiar with the appropriate emergency plan and exit. If a fire extinguisher is available in the home, nurse aide must become familiar with its safe use and operation

1. Changing of ostomy and urostomy appliances with instruction from nursing supervisor
2. Application of ice cap or collar or hot water bottles: Hot water bottles not to exceed 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature not to exceed 104 degrees if for a child, diabetic, or client with impaired circulation
3. Collection of urine and stool specimen
4. Insertion of glycerin or Dulcolox rectal suppository
5. Removal of fecal impaction. - Only with direction of nursing supervisor
6. Application of braces to limbs and external artificial prosthesis
7. Prescribed decubitus care that does not include sterile dressing
8. Intermittent catheterizations with return demo to nursing supervisor
9. Use of a Glucometer to measure blood sugars
F. LIMITATIONS OF NURSE AIDE FUNCTIONS: Any procedures that the nurse aide is not familiar with cannot be performed. The nurse aide is required to notify the supervisor for instruction and a return demonstration before providing the treatment or service for the client. Any procedure performed without basic knowledge or understanding of its safe performance and service can result in termination of employment with Medical Professionals, Inc.

1. May not assist client with any medication that has not been set up by client, family or nurse
2. May not give N/G tube feedings
3. May not perform any sterile procedures
4. May not insert any indwelling urinary catheters
5. May not perform skills or procedures requiring the knowledge, skills and training of a licensed nurse
6. May not be assigned to receive or reduce in writing, orders from a physician, Physician’s assistant or Nurse Practitioner
The policy of MPI is to provide a caring, safe and professional service to its clients. All employees are expected to perform their duties in accordance with this policy.

G. House Hold Duties: Another important function of the nurse aide is the performance of household tasks that cannot be accomplished by the client. These tasks are essential to the client’s well being. Nurse aides are only responsible for the client’s needs, not others living in the home. The following is a list of possible housekeeping duties. Specific duties will be noted on the client’s nursing care plan.
1. Light housekeeping- client areas
2. Make clients bed daily and change linens at least once a week or as often as necessary to keep the patient dry and clean. Do clients laundry and ironing as needed
3. Dust and vacuum client’s room and the client’s general care area
4. Tidy kitchen, bathroom and client’s room. Scour sinks, clean toilet as needed. Clean mirrors and inside windows that do not require standing on chairs
5. Empty baskets and put garbage and other waste in appropriate waste containers for curb side pick up by community waste collection
6. Wash and wipe client’s dishes. Sweep floors. Damp mop or wash floor with proper handled equipment
Nurse aides do not do large surface floor area on hands and knees; do not do other family members dishes or cleaning unless specified in the nursing care plan
7. Prepare meals after asking client’s likes and dislikes
8. Open mail and read for client only if requested
9. Prepare grocery list, do shopping, and errands, transport to appointments, banking, and other shopping if family or client requests. MPI nursing supervisor must be contacted for instructions on handling any of the client’s funds
10. An employee may not use ladders; no climbing on chairs for household tasks or moving of heavy furniture; may not perform work outside the house except to take out garbage

The nurse aide updates skills and knowledge by attending continuing education sessions, in-services, continuing education units, and other education.

Company Description

For 30 years, Medical Professionals, Inc. (MPI) has been providing the
services of skilled health care professionals and paraprofessionals to
private homes, senior independent and assisted living communities and
health care facilities. We are owned and managed by Registered Nurses
with years of clinical and management experience. Our services are paid
for either privately or by auto and commercial insurance providers. The
wide array of our clientele has made us adept in dealing with the
intricacies of various third party payers.

Role: Certified Nurse Aide
Job Type:
Location: West Bloomfield Township,

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