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DATE ADDED: Wed 17/10/2018

Senior Game Console Firmware Developer

Irvine, USA


Job Description


You will take on a key software position, working with the lead firmware and hardware engineers on the new Intellivision Game Console to help develop all the firmware and system level software to make the system run. Although, your job is primarily firmware, you may be required to design simple PCBs, evaluate ICs, write drivers for them, etc., so you should be a professional embedded engineer with experience in electrical design of microcontroller/microprocessor systems, but you prefer developing firmware and that’s your passion and what you will mostly be doing.

You will report to the lead firmware engineer on the project.

The system will run on a modern SoC (exact model TBD); think of a dual- or quad-core APU running Linux or Android. You must have experience getting either or both of these operating systems up and running on target hardware. even if this was based on a pre-developed BSP. If you have never done this, it’s non-trivial.

A game console running on an APU based on Linux or Android will of course require 100’s of drivers. Many will be off the shelf, but you and your support team will have to develop (modify) custom drivers. Thus, experience in embedded, high performance driver development is a must. C/C++ and assembly language should be your weapons of choice.

You will be responsible for helping to bring up the hardware from a firmware perspective, and for helping to write all the code that gives the machine its basic boot sequence and system loading. You will have to work at the Linux/Android driver level but dig down into registers over SPI, I2C, or memory-mapped space to talk to the actual hardware. You need to feel right at home doing this.

Later, you will work with UX engineers and software engineers to help develop the next layer of the custom “operating system” on top of Linux / Android that will support the user experience.

Finally, we are developing a Game Console here. This is a high-performance hardware platform that is size- and cost-constrained, so getting every MIP of performance out of the hardware is imperative. You should be highly concerned about speed, optimization, memory allocation, cache architectures, and so forth. If you don’t know why O(n^2) is bad, then swipe right!

Company Description
Quicksilver Software, Inc. has been an independent software developer for over 34 years, specializing in the creation of unique, high-quality games, educational software, military training products and custom technologies. Located in Irvine, CA, the company’s current and recent projects include:

SkyReplacement, an amazing mobile image manipulation app developed with the inventor of modern green-screen technologies
Gem Rush, a STEAM -based version of the popular board game
Klipics, a state-of-the-art photo kiosk product
Texas Rope ‘Em, a mobile augmented-reality game
an award-winning restaurant using iPads at each table (and its online ordering Web site)
an online educational game for the USC Institute for Creative Technologies
an iPad game for children with autism spectrum disorder
ID Maker 3.0, the third in our series of badge-printing products
Solitaire Snap Saloon, a competitive iPhone/iPad version of classic Klondike solitaire
The Real Deal, a live poker game show in Las Vegas
Type to Learn 4, a very well-known keyboarding skills product for schools

Role: Senior Game Console Firmware Developer
Job Type:
Location: Irvine,

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