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DATE ADDED: Sun 23/09/2018


Cincinnati, USA


Job Description

 Are you a fast, clean painter that customers love? Can you brush, roll and spray so efficiently that members of your crew are constantly saying, "Slow down! You're making us look bad?"

Do you take the painting trade seriously - like a true craftsman? Does it bother you when people slow-poke or take short cuts?

Do you feel like you are cheating the client and your boss when a project doesn't come in on budget?

If this describes you, I'll wager the painting industry can be frustrating for you because it limits how much you can make. Let me explain...

Most painting companies pay you "by the hour." This means that no matter how fast you paint, you never earn one... penny... more. You're stuck at the same level of pay forever.

While you're busting your tail to get the job knocked out, captain clock-milker stands right beside you checking his Facebook... and he's making the same amount of money as you are!

While they take a smoke break, you clean up the job. While they text their girlfriends all day long, you're taking care of the job paperwork.

Let me ask you something: Does this seem FAIR to you?

Frankly, it shouldn't! And at our company, it isn't! 

In fact, FAST painters earn more at our company than anywhere else in town.

Our unique system ensures that the faster you paint, the more you make. Unlike typical painting contractors who "eyeball" a project and "guess" how long it takes, we've spent decades perfecting production rates that reflect how fast an average, steady painter works.

When a fast painter comes in under budget, we pay them for the ENTIRE JOB! Allowing us to pay the highest hourly wage in this market... and that's something to get excited about!

If you are a FAST painter frustrated with a low, hourly wage. You owe it to yourself to learn more about this opportunity.

To learn more, simply leave a message on our 24-7 recorded hotline: 513-818-2429. You can do this anytime, night or day. Because you are probably a busy person, I'd recommend doing it RIGHT NOW while it's on your mind.

One thing we look for at our company is someone who can follow a WRITTEN scope of work in detail, so please leave your name, phone number, mailing address and email address at the sound of the tone. 

It lets me know you are someone who CARES about doing the job RIGHT!

We will get back to you within one business day.

Again, that number for the 24-7 recorded hotline is 513-818-2429. Go ahead and call the number now and leave a message.

I can't wait to hear from you! Call 513-818-2429 now.

Company Description
Fresh Coat Painters of Anderson is a customer service company that happens to paint very well. Our goal is to be the #1 painting company in the Cincinnati area. We are looking for the best and reward the best accordingly. We believe in in continuous improvement and celebrating our team. Come join us in our quest to be the best!

Role: Painter
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Location: Cincinnati,

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