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Date Added: Thu 28/01/2021

Telesales Executive

St Ives, UK
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Job Type: Permanent

Salary: £12000 - £16000 / annually

Get in Touch With the Decision Maker

As we all know in cold calling, you will frequently have to work your way through one or more people to reach the right decision maker. It may take multiple calls before you even find out who the correct person is.

Often you will have to convince the “gatekeeper” - (the person who protects the decision maker) - to let you through. One very important thing to remember is to not think of the gatekeeper as an enemy. He or she is a potential ally, who can provide vital and valuable information about the decision maker.

Don't ever lie to the gatekeeper about why you're calling or try to use trickery, it's pointless. Trust is a must for a successful sale, and by lying to the gatekeeper, you violate your prospect's trust right off the bat. Instead, tell the gatekeeper why you are calling and what you're selling and ask who would be responsible for purchasing that product or service. 

Sometimes the best approach is to come right out and ask the gatekeeper for his or her assistance - many people instinctively respond to a plea for help. Don't forget that on a number of occasions you will be speaking to a consultant who would benefit from Logic Melon, for all you know they may have a big influence on the final decision.

Sell the Demo

The point of the call is not necessarily to just sell Logic Melon, but to sell the benefits. You need to pique the decision maker's interest just enough that he or she wants to hear more.

Start by asking if it's a good time to talk; this shows that you respect their busy schedule. If they say they can't talk now, suggest another time and be specific - don't say “I'll call back later,” say “I'll call back tomorrow at 9am, if that's convenient for you.”

If the decision maker is willing to talk now, you need to get their attention quickly; the first few seconds of the conversation are critical. There are many different types of approaches, but here are a few possibilities:

Make them laugh. You might say something like, “Hi, my name is Allan Shave and this is a sales call. I know, you hate these, so I'm gonna be as brief as possible.” It's usually safe to make fun of yourself, but avoid making fun of other people or you might offend your prospect.

Offer something valuable. Most business owners and decision makers love words like “money saving” and “time saving”. Ask a few questions about their process in regards to job posting, applicant tracking, CV searching etc. and advise them how we can make best use of their money and time. 

Solve their problems. Ask “What is the most time consuming part of a consultant's day?” Then list one or two ways that Logic Melon will help to solve it. This approach can require some pretty creative thinking, but if you come up with a good answer you are almost assured of getting a demonstration.

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